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1. What is PU Nepolite (PU)? This is a fake leather which is the most commonly used type of leather in manufacturing couches. It is so popular due to its durability, wide range of textures and colours. It is also easy to clean and affordable
2. What is bonded leather? Bonded leather is manufactured using PU Nepolite and pieces of real leather. This means that the leather is much stronger but does not cost as much as real leather. However, the amount of real leather used varies from each supplier and is not guaranteed
3. What is stronger between PU and fabric? Both are equally as strong, it all depends on its use and how it is cared for
4. How do I clean my PU couches? With a diluted mixture of dishwashing liquid and water. However, this should be avoided as the chemicals and water will deteriorate the material over time
5. How do I clean my fabric couches? Scoop up the mess, dab with a clean paper towel and steam clean. You may vacuum for non-liquid dirt
6. What type pf wood do we use? Most of our coffee tables and plasma stands are made using super wood which is long lasting and has a shiny finish. Our wardrobes and chests vary between pine, chip board and super wood. Please request the exact material used from one of our friendly sales consultants. Please use a clean soft cloth to clean
7. What is buffalo suede? It is a mix of PU, Suede and fabric, giving the impression of buffalo skin. You can clean it using a vacuum cleaner
8. What is The Stores standard lead time? Up to 14 working days if not in stock