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  1. All items that are on sale or marked down or if a discount is provided, carry no guarantee or warranty and are sold as is
  2. Each guarantee and or warranty is item specific.
  3. Delivery costs must be paid for by the customer in the event of a repair being required whether under guarantee or not
  4. We provide a 6 month a guarantee against the structure of our couches, headboards and chairs (Please confirm prior to purchase if your product carries a guarantee and confirm the details of the guarantee). Our guarantee does not include negligence or intentional damage to the item.
  5. We do not guarantee glass or wooden finish
  6. We guarantee the frame of all wooden items purchased for a period of 6 months. The wooden finish is not guaranteed.
  7. We provide a 6 month guarantee against any mechanism used in our furniture (e.g reclining mechanism, door hinges and runners)
  8. We do not guarantee material or foam of any of the items sold as this is sourced from third party suppliers.
  9. Our beds carry a minimum of 7 years manufacturer service warranty, unless otherwise stated